Hotel Nube offers guests breakfasts as well as bar service on the terrace.

There are several restaurants, bars, eateries, and food stands nearby offering a wide variety of dining options for all tastes and pocketbooks. 

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Mural de los poblanos

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Fonda de Santa Clara

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Entre Tierras

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Hotel Nube is downtown, where you can find all kinds of businesses. It's also very close to the major shopping centers.

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Angelópolis shopping center

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Expo Center (


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FINSA Industrial Park

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Convention Center



Puebla has rich traditions and culture, with modern amenities. Visitors enjoy discovering its pre-Hispanic and colonial heritage, as well as its fascinating modern architecture and delicious gastronomy. Enjoy Puebla!

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Historic Center

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La estrella Ferris Wheel

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Cable Car

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Los fuertes (The Forts)

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The Tunnels